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Buffalo Soliders MC

San Jose Chapter 



BSMC San Jose

Mission Statement


To promote and preserve the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th Cavalry US Army through education of young and old on their historical significance to American history; and to lead by example and service by providing support and relief to underserved youth and seniors via community based programs & activities within the San Jose community. 

To accomplish this mission we will:


Create a highly motivated Buffalo Soldiers MC environment that will foster a community service-based agenda among chapter members by encouraging participation in San Jose community activities, senior programs, and cultural events.


Develop and demonstrate teamwork, support and dedication thru service and good motorcycle sportsmanship.


Outreach to support other Buffalo Soldier chapters’ community and cultural service projects to increase the bond among chapters in California, the Frontier and across the United States.


Actively participate in Western Frontier and National meetings.


Support all recommended rides that are important to our Chapter growth and development.


Support the Friends of Allensworth mission and participate in the Annual Rededication of Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park each year in October.


Recruit motorcycle riders of all genders and nationalities and teach them the rich history and legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th Cavalry.


Promote camaraderie and a safe environment for motorcyclists.  As we ride with pride of the legacy we represent, we set an example for youth and others to look up to.

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